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 Universal Feed & Machine Feed Lines (refer to your quote as items listed on this page may be options):

dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Ask about Universal Feed & Machine SpaceSaver and Sycronized Lines Feed Lease Servo Feed, Straightener, De-Reeler, Coil Reel, Coil Cars, Coil Fed Lasers, Coil Up Enders
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Teach mode minimizes operator duties - optional
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Closes the loop on straightening the metal as the coil diameter gets smaller
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Closed Loop Control - Sensors look at the metal and automatically adjust the rolls to assure straightened metal enters your die no matter the coil diameter - optional






Servo Feeds:

dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Permanently sealed, lubricated bearings used throughout feed for less maintenance and longer life.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Feed rolls are hardened and ground with shot blast finish to assure positive grip for consistent, accurate feeding.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Upper and lower rolls driven through cluster gear arrangement assure constant gear mesh throughout material thickness range.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Air-applied adjustable feed roll pressure for various material thicknesses and finishes.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  High performance AC Servo brushless motor.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Adjustable roll lift mechanism for varying material thicknesses and quicker response during piloting.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Quick release, manually adjustable, vertical roller-type stock guides easily align material to the die.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Entry catenary rolls support material from the loop.
          dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Micro feed length adjustment in automatic mode for fine tuning of feed lengths.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Electrically matched drive and motor for better response and performance.
          dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Fully programmable feed length range between .001 and 99.999 in .001 increments.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Roll position repeatability of plus or minus 0.005 with high resolution encoder providing superior accuracy and repeatability.
 Feed Lease Servo Feed, Straightener, De-Reeler, Coil Reel, Coil Cars, Coil Fed Lasers, Coil Up Ender


dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Permanently sealed lubricated bearings reduce the need for maintenance and increases bearing life.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Straightening rolls are arranged to provide precision straightening over a wide range of material thicknesses. The lower driven rolls maintain line speed and ease thread-up.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Individual upper roll adjustment provides more control to remove coil curvature in the straightening operation.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Engraved scales show true upper straightener roll position.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Over sized bearings support set in heavy-duty support frames maintain roll parallelism and assure long lasting performance.Feed Lease Servo Feed, Straightener, De-Reeler, Coil Reel, Coil Cars, Coil Fed Lasers, Coil Up Enders
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  All rolls are hardened and ground to a smooth finish, providing a long lasting durable roll surface.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Vertical roller type stock guides are manually positioned and require no hand tools for adjustment to properly edge guide material.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Variable speed drives provide smooth material acceleration and deceleration to minimize material loop motion and provide maximum adaptability to varying production requirements.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Potentiometer-Adjusted speed control allows the operator to effectively control the loop of the material and assure the smooth running and more efficient operation of the straightener and feed.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Power to the rolls is transmitted through a worm gear reducer and multiple strand chain, providing consistent control of line speed over a greater range of material and reducing maintenance.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Inclined Straightener head.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Outgoing catenary assists and supports the material into the loop.

Coil Reels:Littell Reel 6,000 pound

dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Spindle Arms and Spindle Assembly mounted on tapered roller bearings.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Larger reels have oil filled gear case.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Clockwise or counter-clockwise spindle rotation.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Electric brake and power pack.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Adjustable front and rear keepers. Quick release eccentric cam operated front keepers (On 2,000 lb. reels and above only).
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Turret assembly is mounted on anti-friction bearings (Double reels only).
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Turret release mechanism actuated by foot pedal (2,000 lb. reels and above - double models only).
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Handwheel for expansion of spindle arms can be located at the front or rear of spindle.
dotred.gif (883 bytes)  Electrical devices are prewired and terminated at one location on motorized reels.
NOTE: Refer to your quote as items listed on this page may be options

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